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FBT Training (including an update on GST, PAYG, BAS)

The tax workshops cover all fringe benefit and salary packaging topics. The workshop is interactive, and you are encouraged to ask questions. Your payroll officer, accounts person or office manager should attend.

The cost of the training is $187 (including GST). Numbers are limited, so please book early. All businesses need to invest in your new way of doing business since 2000.

FBT / GST / PAYG / BAS and more
At our ř day tax workshop, we will discuss the following topics:

FBT (full update)
FBT has simply become more complex.˛ We will explain in detail the GST and FBT inter-relationship including ▓

¨         review of Tax Office rulings ▓ TR 2000/D8˛ and GSTR 2000/D17

¨         discussion on the two 'gross-up' factors from 1 July 2000 (the how, when and why to use each factor), explain what is a type 1 and type 2 benefit

¨         FBT, GST and entertainment ▓ how to treat, claiming credits

¨         impact of the new procedures on reportable fringe benefits for ăPayment Summary┴ purposes.

Salary Packaging
What do these new rules mean for salary packaging ?˛ Get the latest industry information and some useful tips.˛ Rebatable employers and ăexempt┴ FBT employers are discussed ▓ learn how to stay within the new salary packaging limits from 1 April 2001 and ăavoid┴ paying extra FBT.

Benefit from our weeks of preparation for this course.˛ You will get a full update in just a few hours.

Questions at any time
We will allow plenty of time for questions.˛ Now that the GST has started, you will have more questions than answers.˛ We can help.

This workshop has been written by Anton Gaudry BEc MTax, a Chartered Accountant with over 14 years tax experience, including 5 years in tax training.˛ Anton has presented over 200 FBT/GST/BAS/PAYG seminars Australia-wide and trained over 5,000 people.˛ Quality is assured.˛

Meet Anton personally at the training.˛ Anton will be the presenter at all sessions.

If you wish to register, go to How to Order and also refer to Discounts.˛ Training product code is TR1 (refer How to Order).


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