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The FBT Organiser and Salary Packaging Planner -
(Two products for only $270 +$27 GST = $297)

Our FBT Organiser provides a structured approach to FBT record keeping and ensures accurate FBT calculations. The FBT Organiser uses an Excel format and a series of worksheets to enable you to calculate the taxable value of all fringe benefits. This information is then compiled to prepare the FBT Return in accordance with Tax Office guidelines. Using our system will save you many hours of calculations and you will be confident you have paid the correct amount of tax.

To download a free preview copy of the FBT Organiser, click here. To order, go to How to Order.

The Salary Packaging Planner allows you to prepare salary packages in minutes. The Planner users an Excel format and has a model for each type of employer (company, government, rebatable or exempt). The Planner includes calculation of the $30,000/$17,000 threshold from 1 April 2001 for not-for-profits. Our software will enable you to maximise the employees remuneration, whilst ensuring the employers costs are controlled.

The products are complemented by an easy to read guide, outlining full details of FBT calculations and salary packaging.

To download a free preview copy of the Salary Packaging Planner, click here. To order, go to How to Order.

The FBT Organiser and Salary Packaging Planner has the following features and benefits:









         Calculation sheets for all benefit types

         All concessions, valuation options included

         Benefits classed as Type 1, Type 2 or both

         Summary provided for each benefit

         FBT Return compiled

         Accurate, timely information

         Minimises FBT payable and maximises salary packaging

         Removes uncertainty and guesswork by employees

         Useful tool for management

         Ensures correct FBT information





Summary and




         Reportable fringe benefits calculation

         Remuneration summary for every employee

         Full year reconciliation of payments (salary, benefits, superannuation)

         Easy to read format

         Satisfies reporting requirements

         Total information solution for every employee

         Each employee can be given an accurate remuneration summary

         Suitable for employee distribution











         Accurately determines salary package outcomes in seconds

         Modules for every type of employer company, rebatable, exempt

         Calculates cost to employer, salary sacrifice amount, payment summary value and FBT payable (if any)

         Recognises limits for not-for-profits

         Allows employee to explore all options to maximise package

         Relevant information for every type of employer

         All the information an employer and employee require is presented in an easy to read format

         Every employer covered







         Compiles your FBT Return

         Information taken from calculation sheets

         Calculates rebate, FBT payable

         Reduces your time and effort

         Reduces possibility of errors by employees

         Ensures correct tax amount paid


The software is easy to use (popular Excel format) and it will save you time, effort and money. For only $270 (+ GST and p&h), you will not get a more comprehensive and better value product to solve the FBT and salary packaging maze. Dont miss out, order your copy today! How to Order.



IBM Compatible with 486DX2/66
Microsoft Office 97 or above
2MB of hard disk space
Windows 95/ 98 or Windows NT 4.0 (or higher)
A basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required.

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